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Portraiture in Lalbagh #Photography #Day35

When you know you can do better and you do.
I feel, I have improved a lot with portrait photography from the last time I clicked Jagee, the TV actress, and I am lot more confident.
5 key take away from what I learnt while I was clicking these models:
1. I was more relaxed as I had no pressure.
2. I could direct them in a more professional way.
3. I knew exactly what I wanted in the frame. (composition)
4. Keep the focus on the eyes Always.
5. Keep the exposure value to the background when you want to capture the moon.
Portraiture in lalbaghJust another closeup
Portraiture in LalbaghComposition includes leading pattern
Portraiture in LalbaghDried leaves in composition
Portraiture in LalbaghCommon get up.
Portraiture in LalbaghCapturing a capturing shot
Portraiture in LalbaghHead swirling
Portraiture in LalbaghHappy conquered look.
Portraiture in LalbaghMean look. 😛 No no, its just the sun.
Portraiture in LalbaghMoon shot
Portraiture in LalbaghMakeup time or make-up time 😛
Portraiture in LalbaghMe and the models
Portraiture in LalbaghHigh up on the trees
Portraiture in LalbaghSunlight strategically positioned
Portraiture in LalbaghThat’s me close up.
Portraiture in LalbaghThat’s me full body shot
Portraiture in LalbaghUptown funk
Portraiture in LalbaghB/w with selective colors
Portraiture in LalbaghBold and confident look
Portraiture in LalbaghShy look


9 thoughts on “Portraiture in Lalbagh #Photography #Day35

  1. There’s something about the first photo I especially like. I guess it’s the way the girl looks so relaxed and happy in the sun and the surrounding rocks are out of focus. Nice! I’m trying to learn more about photography. It looks like you are far beyond me in your photography skills!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I hope you get into the next Photo 101 class. I’m sure you will excel!

    Liked by 1 person

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