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Why god exists?

There are lots of mythological, historical and even physical presence of god. But man only seeks for something which he needs.

No one has really questioned the thought behind why did man actually seek for the almighty. But we all have one. The only people who do not believe in god are the ones who are really happy or are tired of believing in Him.

So the main question I am exploring today is why did the humankind actually seek or create god? Apart from the fact that “God” created the universe and put us on Earth on the 7th day of its creation.

Let us explore a little about the behaviour of man. A man always wants to stay connected. He needs someone to share his feelings with anyone or anything. Remember the movie(Cast Away) where the man was abandoned on an island for 4 years and he created Wilson the volleyball his companion.Yeah… That’s why we have friends and family – to talk to someone. There is always one special person you call almost everyday and tell a lot of things – might be your love, brother, sister,or mother – in english dictionary they are termed as “Confidant“. These confidants are people who listen, give advice and have time for us even at 4am be it whatever timezone. You tell them things because you believe in them. Sometimes you even expect some type of commitment out of them and take them for granted. But the day they shatter their image perceived by you, you seek Him – the Almighty.

The human nature is to always share his feelings. The Almighty is our backup. Once we have lost our confidant, and for the regular people there is only one confidant, we need an instant backup, someone who we can tell about the misdoings of the confidant. And suddenly we realise we don’t have one anymore. I am 25 and I cannot talk to my mom about everything. And generally, the god should become my companion, my”saathi”, my supporter. He never replies, but always listens. And I shall be content at least with that. Many people while sleeping at night stay awake for a long time – not because they want to stare at the roof but because they have a lot of worries in their life, and no confidant to share with. Once we unload our worries, we feel relaxed to an extent and sleep happily.

Today morning, I realised experienced that happiness is just a state of mind. Look in the mirror, know you respect yourself for what you believe in and smile. And he will smile back at you. Live thy dreams. Confidant is just a being, a statue, an almighty, an escape route. Learn to train your mind and you will recover faster. I know I will become sad and that the incidents will stay with me life-long, but now that I know the science behind it, I am sure to recover faster.

Takeaway : Have a confidant; actually have 2, if you are sentimental types. Share your own feelings be it a volleyball or a being, let it out and you can sleep a lot easily. For me it is the second pillow on my bed.

I know that I don’t have a human confidant from today onwards and after reading a few of my own posts I see it now (After an hour (1021IST 6/11/15) of writing this article) this blog is my ultimate escape route to let out my feelings. haha..found it. And a content smile on my face 🙂


Pinnacle of clarity

Gud morning Momo, hope that the clouds of confusion hv cleared out a lil after our talk. Here is a suggested roadmap: 1. Keep looking and working ur way for an opportunity to get into the R&D stream. Maybe in the present company or seek help from a head hunter. 2. If u r passionate abt doing MBA from a top Univ, abroad, the time is NOW!!! Believe me it will require all ur positive energies to tk u there. So go all guns blazing at it. If possible seek help of an academic counsellor to help u in that one. 3. Photography is a great idea butif pursued very earnestly right now, it might deflect you from achieving point 1 & 2. 4. Thinking about Amway seriously is nt a good idea at all. The trainers there are doing their jobs. It’s like joining one of those swami jis, and hv primarily a sole objective of increasing their Amway network. Stay away if 1, 2, 3 hv to be pursued. Lastly, where clubbing is an important aspect of socialising, don’t restrict ur options to just going to pubs/ clubs every weekend. After the initial high, u’ll realise u hv only wasted precious resources there. Develop love for sports/ yoga etc. Develop reading habits. Read whatever interests u.  Will help u in point 1 and 2. And most importantly we are always there for u. Feel free to call up anytime u want. We are proud of u and love u very very very much.

Thank you mausaji & mausiji.


I am at Pinnacle of confusion

I am not feeling well. IST(Indian standard Time) 0006 hours, 16th February 2015. 2 day after valentine’s day.
I had a wonderful lunch with my girlfriend at Teppan, Japanese Restaurant in Bangalore. Went to a club at night. Clicked a photos and danced to my heart content.
But, after enjoying all that, 24 hours later, I am not happy, my mind is in bewilderment. My body is heated up. I am not sleepy. I am UNCLEAR about my thoughts.
Yesterday, 15th Feb, I got up late and then had lunch. Read few articles for a while and edited and posted few photos from the 14th evening. That is how I am utilizing my leisure time these days. But, right now I am completely unable to focus and I have an option to call Riya but I am in no state to answer any of her questions. Hence, I am trying to introspect on this forum by typing out my feelings. Sorry, if this was not expected on this forum.
I just watched a movie Fugly. It was stored on my laptop from long back and it stopped in the middle so I had to shift to watching it online on YouTube. I haven’t been watching a movie lately. Before that I had gone to the Brick World Wide get together at JNC. The whole talk has been poking me from inside but I do not want to get into in right now, since I have already too much to do, including this as an option.
1. Click photographs
I have not been pursuing my dream, since I have not been clicking new stuff. Its just clubs these days.
2. Preparing for MBA
I have not been reading enough to increase my intellectual level.
3. BWW – self-business
I see the growth and happiness 2 years down the line but I don’t have 2 years to spare right now
4. Work
I have not been focusing enough on my work to complete the job on time

I am shattered from inside. I am at the pinnacle on confusion and don’t know what to pursue. I need a mentor and good one to direct me to make me understand my priorities.

I have had an eventful day, made new connections with high ups, but something in me is in turmoil. I am still not sleepy. Its as if I am missing something from my day today. I am even more confused and agitated now. Haven’t changed into my pajamas yet. I think my mind with burst with thoughts if I stay any longer. Going for a stroll… without the camera.


Life at #Bangalore during #Valentine Week

Well technically I shouldn’t say Valentine week because only today have I seen the humongous traffic on road. The Valentine of 2015 falls on a Saturday that make today a Wednesday and damn was that the reason for traffic. Today, on the innocuous roads of Bangalore, newly named Bengaluru, when I thought every thing was… Continue reading Life at #Bangalore during #Valentine Week