Hobbyist frugal-Photographer.

Exploration includes Bokeh, Portraiture, Still-life, Moon, Multiple-Exposure, Long-exposure, Light painting, City Lights at Night and Levitation.

Short Term Goal 2015 : Complete a 100 days of different kinds of Photography, and hope to make it a secondary source of income, if not primary source of income. Check

Goal 2016 : Weekly Self-portrait documenting my mood.

Long term goal: 1000 blogs.

Shantanu Chandra
Mobile : +91-8088752191
Location : Bangalore, India

Contact me if you are like my clicks and are interested in recreating the same with you in it.


37 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Shantanu,

    I represent Windchimes Communications, a leading digital experiential agency, in operation since 2008. We work with several clients who want to reach out to influencers such as yourself and interact on a regular basis. To view our client list click here: http://www.windchimes.co.in/category/clients/?id=20

    These influencer meet-ups will help you get an exposure to the client’s brands. You may also get paid for the work that you undertake for them.

    For the same, we would want you to fill out a simple form that will help us understand your strength areas. Kindly do mention your fees against each of the platform that you write on.


    Looking forward to meet you.


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  2. Hey Shantanu,
    Thanks for stopping by and liking my post on roamingruta.WordPress.com, that way i reached ur blog and am mesmerized by ur beautiful photographs… I am enjoying following your blog..👍

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    1. Thanks Kim. I am also a newbie and I see a video and then try to replicate it. I suggest you the same once you run out of ideas.


      1. Like that writing with light you’ve done for delhi photo fest. i don’t know what its called. dark room photography or something. could you write Wandering Soul like that ?


      2. yes I can.. It’s not very difficult.Do you want me to write it for you or you want me to teach it to you?


      3. the picture that’s already my header image. should i mail that to you? could the two images be merged to create a third one, with the writing in the forefront and the sunset in the background? sorry, if i am asking for too much.


      4. oh…
        I don’t know how to merge two images. I can send you my image and then you can perhaps merge it on your own. how does that sound?


  3. hi shantanuchandra! thanks for visiting my blog..incidentally it also gave me opportunity to visit your blog and run through lovely pictures that you click! I must compliment you for the great compositions that you take!
    just a small suggestion, I hope I don’t sound rude…the current theme on your blog doesn’t allow me to search blog post by tags or categories..making it little difficult to navigate. Would love to run through all blog post of my interest!
    lots of good wishes & luck!

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    1. Thanks for the comment..
      I always accept criticism.
      There is a search button right at top in the center. You can search anything there within my blog posts.
      Thanks Arv.

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      1. yes shantanuChandra, I did see that option, but I guess we all have been trained over the period of time to search using categories or tags! No worries! thanks for the revert!

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  4. Hi Shantanuchandra, thanks for stopping by and following and appreciating my photographic blog elephantonthebeach.wordpress.com Looking forward to exploring your blog and to what you have in store for us in upcoming blogs.

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  5. Hi Shanti,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your photography. It’s always refreshing to meet other Photography fans and exchange ideas and results.
    I am largely self-taught, photographing with Nikon, too. I probably have the “Grandfather” to your camera… I have a D50. It takes pretty good shots. When I see all the things that the Nikon grandkids can do now… it makes me want to buy a new one!


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    1. Thanks for the comment.
      Yes, I love club photography because every club has different set of lights and every click captures a different emotion.
      Hence, no one can ever recreate my photographs 😀 .

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  6. Hi! Just want to thank you for taking the time to visit some of my images on https://amaviedecoeurentier.wordpress.com/. I am not sure why, but I can’t seem to reply to your kind comments about my photos directly through the comments list and did not want you to think that I did not appreciate the time you took to comment. My photos have all been taken on quite inexpensive digital cameras and I enjoy finding shots that have good colours or interesting perspectives. I do sometimes use Picasa to adjust some of the images. I am not very good with technology so I would love to learn more about digital photography. Very best wishes and I will enjoy following your blog! 🙂


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