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Update on my 10 months of #Photography

Every Serious Photographer has some goals in his mind when he starts clicking. These are mine. This post also is a compilation of all my clicks.
Click “” to open and see my work.

  1. Why do you blog?
    To gain notoriety(being famous for some bad quality)?
    – No – photography is a escape place
    To secure a book contract?
    – Perhaps. I will publish once I think I am good enough
    To self-publish your work?
    – Yes- To keep a track of how I am progressing
    To establish yourself as a leader in your field?
    – Yes – To improve myself by criticism by others
    To gain followers?
    – Yes, Specially for people to know that I exist
    – Traffic from like minded people will be preferable
    To connect with others?
    – Yes- To be acknowledged by the best and work with them
    To work through and clarify your own thoughts?
    – Yes – I am still in the process of finding which photography I like the best
  2. If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?
    Would you have a different design?
    – Yes – I have a custom design in mind
    How many followers would you have?
    – 1 from each state of each country
    How much traffic?
    – Doesn’t matter as long as it is helping just one person improve their clicks
    What sort of community would participate?
    – Photographers with an eye for patterns
    What discussions would take place?
    – Photo-shoots aerial, underwater, boudoir
    How often would you post?
    – Every alternate day
  3. GOALS:
    I need / want to get all the below items checked and then convert them into a book titled “First 100 Days Of Photography“.
    “Processing is not the challenge, selecting the right one to process is”
    Click “” to open and see the respective shoots.
Round 1 Remarks Round 2 Remarks
1 Architecture Photography  
2 Streets  
3 Self portrait / selfies
4 Pattern Photography  
5 Stars
6 Time lapse
7 Portrait  
8 Sports  
9 Wedding Tripod Required
10 Fashion
11 Couples
12 Landscape Polarizer Required  
13 Nature Adjust green level
14 Candid photography
15 Emotions
16 Action    
17 Wildlife    
18 Macro    Without a macro lens
19 Baby  
20 Flash
21 Conceptual photography    
22 Vernacular photography  
23 Boudoir hard to find a model 😦
24 Still photography  
25 Social – Night Club    External flash NOT required  
26 Cooking  
27 Concert  
28 Mehndi / Henna   Hands shake,
high exposure
29 Bokeh   Different from portrait
30 Christmas     TBD next year
31 Night-time Streets  
32 Model Photo-shoot    
32 Night-time City     
33 Birthday  
34 Moon    
35 Social – NGO  ✔
36 Social – Party    
36 Birds  ✔ fast shutter speed  
37 Aqua life  
38 Auto-Mobile  
39 Levitation    
40 Temples  
41 Long Exposure    
43 Sunset  
44 Sunrise  
45 Double Exposure  

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