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#Day93 Blue Moon Photography

Blue Moon is not the moon in color blue but it means that full moon has appeared twice in the same month. 2nd July and 31st July 2015.

Today is Guru Poornima (full moon day), auspicious day according to Hindu mythology and I surely have achieved a milestone today in Photography. I just realised that I have clicked my 10,000th photo from my beloved dslr D5300 Nikon.

Its been 7 months(December 21st) since I have been using this DSLR and it was while clicking the moon that the number reset from 9999 to 0000.

I am elated and content.

Hope I see many counter resets in my life.

This is my Inspiration

Increasing the click count within my camera.

You cannot actually see the number 9999 or 0000 in the pic because I review the pics on the go and hence must have deleted those which didn’t turn out well.

10000 Clicks - Copy


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