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Lust for Intricate #Food #Photography #Day84


At Krazzy Folds :
This is what happens when you ask waiter to enter kitchen and he says it would be our pleasure: Dinnertime

7 thoughts on “Lust for Intricate #Food #Photography #Day84

  1. Intricate and no less, I look at the pic straight, my head tilted as much I can and I still don’t know what and how do they do it !! Great entry šŸ˜€


      1. which one in particular are you talking about?
        If I am not wrong, and you are talking about the cone… It is a savory dish with cream and cherry on top.

        Everything else to me seems just normal.

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      2. OK got it…
        its not upside down.
        Checkout the 13-35_1
        you get the complete picture.
        It is actually being served on a wooden holder.

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      3. Now I get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! the wooden holder made it ‘intricate’, I couldn’t imagine it as some kind of taco/wrap ! šŸ˜€


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