Pinnacle of clarity

Gud morning Momo, hope that the clouds of confusion hv cleared out a lil after our talk. Here is a suggested roadmap: 1. Keep looking and working ur way for an opportunity to get into the R&D stream. Maybe in the present company or seek help from a head hunter. 2. If u r passionate abt doing MBA from a top Univ, abroad, the time is NOW!!! Believe me it will require all ur positive energies to tk u there. So go all guns blazing at it. If possible seek help of an academic counsellor to help u in that one. 3. Photography is a great idea butif pursued very earnestly right now, it might deflect you from achieving point 1 & 2. 4. Thinking about Amway seriously is nt a good idea at all. The trainers there are doing their jobs. It’s like joining one of those swami jis, and hv primarily a sole objective of increasing their Amway network. Stay away if 1, 2, 3 hv to be pursued. Lastly, where clubbing is an important aspect of socialising, don’t restrict ur options to just going to pubs/ clubs every weekend. After the initial high, u’ll realise u hv only wasted precious resources there. Develop love for sports/ yoga etc. Develop reading habits. Read whatever interests u.  Will help u in point 1 and 2. And most importantly we are always there for u. Feel free to call up anytime u want. We are proud of u and love u very very very much.

Thank you mausaji & mausiji.


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