I am at Pinnacle of confusion

I am not feeling well. IST(Indian standard Time) 0006 hours, 16th February 2015. 2 day after valentine’s day.
I had a wonderful lunch with my girlfriend at Teppan, Japanese Restaurant in Bangalore. Went to a club at night. Clicked a photos and danced to my heart content.
But, after enjoying all that, 24 hours later, I am not happy, my mind is in bewilderment. My body is heated up. I am not sleepy. I am UNCLEAR about my thoughts.
Yesterday, 15th Feb, I got up late and then had lunch. Read few articles for a while and edited and posted few photos from the 14th evening. That is how I am utilizing my leisure time these days. But, right now I am completely unable to focus and I have an option to call Riya but I am in no state to answer any of her questions. Hence, I am trying to introspect on this forum by typing out my feelings. Sorry, if this was not expected on this forum.
I just watched a movie Fugly. It was stored on my laptop from long back and it stopped in the middle so I had to shift to watching it online on YouTube. I haven’t been watching a movie lately. Before that I had gone to the Brick World Wide get together at JNC. The whole talk has been poking me from inside but I do not want to get into in right now, since I have already too much to do, including this as an option.
1. Click photographs
I have not been pursuing my dream, since I have not been clicking new stuff. Its just clubs these days.
2. Preparing for MBA
I have not been reading enough to increase my intellectual level.
3. BWW – self-business
I see the growth and happiness 2 years down the line but I don’t have 2 years to spare right now
4. Work
I have not been focusing enough on my work to complete the job on time

I am shattered from inside. I am at the pinnacle on confusion and don’t know what to pursue. I need a mentor and good one to direct me to make me understand my priorities.

I have had an eventful day, made new connections with high ups, but something in me is in turmoil. I am still not sleepy. Its as if I am missing something from my day today. I am even more confused and agitated now. Haven’t changed into my pajamas yet. I think my mind with burst with thoughts if I stay any longer. Going for a stroll… without the camera.


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