Life at #Bangalore during #Valentine Week

Well technically I shouldn’t say Valentine week because only today have I seen the humongous traffic on road.

The Valentine of 2015 falls on a Saturday

that make today a Wednesday and damn was that the reason for traffic.

Today, on the innocuous roads of Bangalore, newly named Bengaluru, when I thought every thing was normal and started my car at 8:40 in the morning I hoped to reach office in 30 minutes as usual with the usual traffic. But, today’s traffic was exceptionally bad. My expected ETA was 9:10 but I reached office at 9:40. Absolutely, double the amount of time it usually takes to reach with minor traffic at few defined spots.

I wonder if it is the effect of Valentine’s week or was Bangalore exceptionally having a bad day. When I say Bangalore, I mean Bannerghata Road, Dairy Circle, Forum mall road, St. Johns and few other areas in Koramangala.

Logically speaking, if this was the effect of Valentine’s Day then two things can be assumed.

1. Either people were going to meet their valentine that early
2. Or people are up really early to buy gifts for their valentine

Just to be logical again, I would negate the first assumption because its a general trend and proven research that the romantic mood begins late in the evening, minimizing the probability of this being The reason. Also, a lot of people have day jobs and majority of them wouldn’t rather meet their valentine as early as 9. Unprecedented in minority, even if they were destined to meet at 9, their destiny would have been altered by the Bangalore traffic today.

I would negate the 2nd reason because Bangloreans have started shopping online and to support that fact, the shops/malls here don’t open before 10. This leads to only two conclusion,
1. either the population of people have grown so much that even the minority can make a difference
2. or suddenly, all the people of all the offices happen to go to office early via the same route I travel
– because some road somewhere was blocked which redirected the traffic.

After, negating both the assumptions above, I move onto third assumption

3. The Bangalore police could not manage the traffic today

In Bangalore, it is not easy to find a road which resonates cloisters. And today the challenge just got bigger.

Simply put, the facts, I drove 5.5kms in 60 minutes, whereas i ran a 10 kms marathon in the same time. Also, the shortest distance between my office and home is 4km which I can cover in 30 minuteson foot .

Conclusion is awry, average on vehicle is 10.9 minutes per kilometerand average on foot is 8.5 minutes per kilometer. Today, I am forced to think which is better in Bangalore.

And of-course, a minor rowdy auto overtaking and changing lane without signal in a completely inhuman way goes without saying. Its normal on Bangalore roads.

OK, just that I don’t paint a negative picture of the traffic, some upsides are :

1. The engineers and few other sensible drivers would never honk in traffic.

2. They would stick to lane driving.

3. Follow traffic rules.

4. @Btp – Bangalore Traffic Police is very supportive and socially active and responsive

PS: The sensible drivers still have to learn about driving with dimmer-headlights within city limits.


One thought on “Life at #Bangalore during #Valentine Week

  1. Also, a lot of people have day jobs and majority of them “wouldn’t rather” meet their valentine as early as “early as” 9. Unprecedented getting in minority, even if they were destined to meet at 9, their destiny would have “been” altered by the Bangalore traffic today.

    Please notice the words I put in double quotes in the above paragraph.

    To find a road which resonates a cloister is not easy in Bangalore. – I don’t understand what this sentence means.


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