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Every Photographer’s Goal #Day41

Every Serious Photographer has some goals in his mind when he starts clicking. These are mine. This post also is a compilation of all my clicks.
Click “” to open and see my work.

  1. Why do you blog?
    To gain notoriety(being famous for some bad quality)?
    – YES – when photography is crime (click first, apologize later)
    To secure a book contract?
    – Why Not, sure. If I get paid hefty, as I am planning for a self-publication
    To self-publish your work?
    – YES – Final aim after taking up the self 100 days challenge
    To establish yourself as a leader in your field?
    – YES – Master of clicks – at city, state, country and finally worldwide
    To gain followers?
    – WHO doesn’t like them
    – Followers would automatically convert into traffic
    To connect with others?
    – YES – I want to learn from the bests
    To work through and clarify your own thoughts?
    – YES – I am still in the process of finding which photography I like the best
  2. If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?
    Would you have a different design?
    – YES – I have a custom design in mind
    How many followers would you have?
    – ALL the photographers
    How much traffic?
    – As Much, I am happy with my current stats though.
    What sort of community would participate?
    – ALL the photographers
    What discussions would take place?
    – Photo-shoots aerial, underwater
    How often would you post?
    – Every single day and night
  3. GOALS:
    I need / want to get all the below items checked and then convert it into a book titled “First 100 Days Of Photography“.
    “Processing is not the challenge, selecting the right one to process IS””Gotta Capture All””Let it click!!!”
    Click “” to open and see my clicks.
Round 1 Remarks Round 2 Remarks
1 Architecture Photography
2 Streets
3 Self portrait / selfies
4 Pattern Photography
5 Stars
6 Time lapse
7 Portrait  
8 Sports
9 Wedding Tripod Required
10 Fashion
11 Couples
12 Landscape Polarizer Required
13 Nature Adjust green level
14 Candid photography
15 Emotions
16 Action
17 Wildlife
18 Macro
19 Baby
20 Flash
21 Conceptual photography
22 Vernacular photography
23 Boudoir hard to find a model 😦
24 Still photography  
25 Social – Night Club    External flash NOT required  
26 Cooking  
27 Concert  
28 Mehndi / Henna   Hands shake,
high exposure
29 Bokeh   Different from portrait
30 Christmas  
31 Night-time Streets  
32 Model Photo-shoot  
32 Night-time City     
33 Birthday  
34 Moon  
35 Social – NGO  ✔
36 Social – Party  
36 Birds  ✔ Birds fast,
high exposure
36 Aqua life  
36 Auto-Mobile  
36 Social – Party  
36 Social – Party  

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