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Christites at FBar #Club #Photography #Day40

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Last Saturday the end semester exams of the Christ university got over and this is where everyone landed for the party at FBar lounge and kitchen. The party officially (on poster) started at 7, but the real deal, dj Sunny, started playing around 9:30. Loads of people who had joined the fun have contacted me for the photos ever since. I apologize. I have been travelling ever since that night and hence have not got any time to write this piece. I finally decided to take out some time during my travel and post this via my phone. I have categorised the following  photos on an hourly basis. At 8:30 the mob was really less in numbers. The early birds had just started pouring in.
At 9 more good looking females and handsome gents showed up. At 930 the party started turning hot.

And by 10 the party was burning fire.

Mr Dj getting his gear out.

11 is when dj Sunny started playing Bollywood and all the desi genre got on their feet.

1130 and people were still going strong.

New day starts at 12 and so did all the moves.

1am is when the party got over and everyone left exhausted and happy to relax in a warm cozy bed.

Plugging off the music.


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