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Jolt the Bolt Automobile #Photography #Day39

This post is a part of the Get. Set. Bolt. activity at BlogAdda.

I reached at 1235 at Food Court, Manayata Tech Park where the showcasing of the Tata Bolt was going on.

From far, we saw Get Set Bolt

When you got really close you saw Get Set Bolt

From top you saw Get Set Bolt

To the people who got involved got Get Set Bolt

One of those lucky ones is Get Set Bolt

When you go inside the car you see Get Set Bolt

The organiser, Mr Karun, was really helpful in explaining all the details of the event. Get Set Bolt

There was even a lady from Tata motors. Get Set Bolt

But, that’s just what I saw. Now, lets talk about what I felt.

My connection with Bolt goes way back when the animation movie named Bolt released. Bolt_1920_04

Next time Bolt came into my life was when I participated in any coding event. All my team names has been “BOLT” ever since.

In recent past I saw this car from Tata Motors showcased at IPL and I just had to get a picture with it.The name and my connection with that name is what has compelled me to go this far and write this blog. IPL Bolt

And now I get the opportunity to describe BOLT itself. Oh baby! where shall I start.

Get Set Bolt

1. Steering Wheel and its 5 features

Let’s just start from the steering wheel. I am a techie and all the new jazz definitely attracts my attention. On the left thumb you get the option to change the source, mute sound and change the volume. While on the right side, you get the option to answer and cancel the call. The calls get redirected from your phone to the car over Bluetooth. There is also an Airbag, to keep you safe. Oh, btw, it honks too.

Get Set Bolt

2. Bling Dash Board

The very new feature where it shows the average of the car. How much more you can drive with the amount of fuel you vehicle has. Temperature of the engine. Which mode are you driving in City/Eco/Sports.

Get Set Bolt

3. City / Eco / Sports

By default, the car is in city mode, but if you are on highway and you want that extra push, it is available at the push of a button. Or if you are an environmental friendly guy, then turn the eco mode on. There is something for everyone.

Get Set Bolt


Somehow, every guy who looked into his mid 30s early 40s was interested in looking under the hood. I am not sure if that is the age gap people talk about or what but what were they expecting to see. To me its just an engine. But it appeared as if all of them were top notch mechanical / automobile engineers and would understand the complete architecture of the car in just a glance. Something which caught my ears was a guy’s voice asking if this car is “an all wheel drive“. To that the volunteer replied with sarcasm “its called 4 wheel drive sir, and no, this car is a hatchback 😛 Go figure. I wonder if that guy understood.

Get Set Bolt

5. Alloy Wheels

Because it makes the car move. Just to get a better understanding at it, we asked Karun to explain it in detail and here it is.

Get Set Bolt

6. Absolute Design

Who would have thought that there could be a design for side-view mirror so stylish and fashionable. And not just that but also the dash board. Thinking out of the box, and making the curve so well placed that non-symmetry is actually looking great.   Get Set Bolt Kudos to Tata Motors.

Get Set Bolt

7. Beware of reflection

The red was so bright that it was acting like a mirror. You already saw those beautiful pics, of people’s reflection in the car along with the clouds. If you missed go back to previous page.

I will just leave you with the thought, GET SET BOLT>


4 thoughts on “Jolt the Bolt Automobile #Photography #Day39

  1. Thanks for a such a good blog…Bolt car looks good its premium & stylish. An attraction for youth and a stable and reliable quality for working entrepreneurs and for class which believes multiple features in a hatchback car.

    Liked by 1 person

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