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Parsi Meal Dhansaag #Day37

Let’s have Dhansag 😀
Dhansag is a parsi dish, which I tasted at one of my friends house. Thanks for inviting 😀
Something which not every non-parsi guy gets to taste. I critic food a lot but this one was just something to be enjoyed. I was so engrossed in eating, that I even forgot to click the food.What’s extra is that I did not have dinner as well as breakfast the next day. That is how much I gobbled at Dinnertime

Party At AnahitaAll ganged up
Party At AnahitaHow tasty the food was
Party At AnahitaSelfie time
Party At AnahitaThe model herself
Party At AnahitaMale model at 16
Party At AnahitaModels hand in hand
Party At AnahitaWow angle
Party At AnahitaAnother model
Party At Anahita“Falling from the sky” look
Party At Anahita“Happy to be here” look
Party At Anahita“I am an actress” look
Party At Anahita“Horrendous” look
Party At Anahita“I am the boss”
Party At Anahita“Let me show you”
Party At Anahita“I am swaaag”
Party At AnahitaEveryone get in the frame

P.S. Dhansaag includes rice with daal(mutton gravy) with chicken balls.

We also had paneer butter masala, roti, potato cutlet, khat-meethi pickle, salad / kachumber and on top of that cold stone vanilla icecream with cookies, biscuits, chocolate sauce and nuts. It was awesome!

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