What’s the difference between the List and the Tags

This is a post which is motivated because of a question asked by @badfish2.

So here is the answer.

In the reader, you can have all the TAGS, like this. nextTagHere, in the reader we can see that all blogs from all the Tags  are shown on the page. Once, you click any of the Tags you will only see blogs from that particular topic.

But, when you create a LIST you can group the lists into various headings/Lists like this.

Capture1Here, you can also add websites which are not linked to WordPress but you still want to see posts from that particular website.

I hope I was able to explain properly.


4 thoughts on “What’s the difference between the List and the Tags

  1. Hey, thanks. It’s good to have a geek in your realm! You have a great title, and greater tagline. Here’s another question I just encountered…if you can help? I switched themes from Sela to Penscratch, and lost my sidebar content. Is it somewhere, or do I have to recreate it? I’m going to follow you, so I don’t lose touch with your mind!!


    1. Ok!

      So it is still there.

      How to reach it ->

      open your blog. In my case ->

      Hover over your name of the blog on the top left.

      You would see Widgets in the list. Click it.

      Widgets page would open.

      Scroll down and there you would find Inactive Widgets. All the widgets which you have created till now are there.


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