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Moon with details #Day29

Moon with details This is what I caught on camera at 10pm. This is the best I could do with my 55-300 lens. The lens is at maximum zoom.

Moon with details Next I caught this, which has better details, and the clouds give it a dreamy look.

Moon with details I like this one because the moon looks red. The photo is SOOC.

Moon with details This is where it we start talking about the composure of the shot. But its too bright for the moon.

Moon with details I zoomed in a little and took this shot. I am still in dilemma about which pic(this or about) has a better composure.

Moon with details The moon was just about to go behind the clouds and I was ready.

Moon with details If you see closely you will see that both the stars are the same. It can easily be a work of multiple exposures but its SOOC again.
For Photographers only : I put the exposure on 30seconds and let the camera click a pic for 10seconds, put a black sheet in front of my camera and then changed the angle of the camera and then removed the black sheet. And hence, the result looks like above.

Moon with details Yes. There are 2 moons in this picture. This has also been clicked in a similar fashion as above with 30 seconds of exposure and rotating the tripod.


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