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Moon Time Lapse Photography #Day25

This is what I let my camera click in my absence. Howl at the Moon

It was on “Interval Timer Shooting” with Exposure of 20 seconds and every click coming in after 10 minutes.

to learn how to do “Interval Timer Shooting”

  1. Set the Release mode to Single Frame
  2. Display the Shooting menu, highlight Interval Timer Shooting.
    press ok
  3. To begin setting up your capture session, highlight Now
  4. Select you interval
    press ok
  5. Select the number of clicks you want
    press ok
  6. Highlight On and press OK.

Make sure you use a tripod stand so that the camera doesn’t move. This is very important for the time-lapse photography. This will allow the background to remain still and just let you capture the motion of the subject.


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