who I am and why I’m here

I started my journey on WordPress long back in 2012 when I wrote a poem and I wanted the world to see it. Over the period of time I wanted to see the world.

Eventually, I developed interest in technology and wanted to share my knowledge. But, I realised that it was very difficult to sustain in the technology world because you almost never could be the first to write a post about anything. Hence, I shifted my focus to events and then I slowly I started posting about the events along with the photos.

It was then that I found out that I wanted to click pics more than I wanted to write about the event. I thought of angles no one could think of. Basically, I had a nag to click pics.

Hence, my blog is currently all about photos and how I clicked those. Also, I sometimes write about the technology which is there beneath just clicking away.

I hope someday people would see my blog, get impressed with the snaps I click and would want me to click them.

My dream is to be invited by a professional photographers to let me click beside them. I wish to travel the world through the lens of my #D5300.


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