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Outdoor Model Photography #Day18

I went to Cubbon Park the last day of the year to click a couple but they were late. So I tried Still Photography. After 30minutes of clicking my spectacles and shades I wanted a new angle.

So I got up and started clicking nature. In the far distant I saw this lady getting ready with a lot of small makeup boxes. I didn’t know who she was that time, but I was afraid to approach her as there was a guy with her who had huge tattooed muscles. So, I continued doing nature’s photography. But, once the lady got ready and was getting her portfolio clicked, I couldn’t resist but ask them both. The guy clicking and she getting the shots taken looked a beautiful piece of composition through the lens. Unfortunately, the guy strictly said “no” to get on the other side of the camera. But, instead wanted me to click the model as he was new to photography. So, I had a perfect chance to try my snaps at an outdoor model shoot. Later on I researched and found that she was a judge of a few television shows and also is a type of concept event organizer. In short, I clicked a celebrity. “Pat on my back. Nice way to start model photography.” I did as her if I could post the pics on my blog and she was ok with it. Hence, following are the pics which I am proud of.

I do wonder if I should convert some of them to black and white to give it a classic feel. But, then doesn’t everyone do that.

Jaygee  The Model

Jaygee The Model

Jaygee The Model

Jaygee The Model

Jaygee The Model

Jaygee The Model

Jaygee The Model


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