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Update on #DSLR Photography Wishes #Day17

Goals achieved till now:

I got up this morning and thought about what I have achieved in the past 15 days. I didn’t know where I stand on the commitment to myself. Hence, I prepared a check-list and as I checked the list I figured I need to re-visit all the topics with lower level of abstraction. Hence, I made a column which will be ticked eventually, definitely before the 100th day.

Oh! BTW, if you guys didn’t notice, the list has grown from last time. So the equations have changed.

Simple math : (25*5) = 125 good photos in 100 days. If I click 15 decent photos out of 100s i click everyday, that makes it 15 pics * 100 days = 1500 decent clicks. In short, select 125 best photos out of 1500 decent clicks from 10,000 total clicks in 100 days.

Another, lesson learnt is “Clicking is not the challenge, clicking at the right time IS”

“Processing is not the challenge, selecting the right one to process IS”

“Gotta Capture All”

“Let it click!!!”


Round 1 Remarks Round 2 Remarks
1 Architecture Photography
2 Streets
3 Self portrait / selfies
4 Pattern Photography
5 Stars
6 Time lapse
7 Portrait
8 Sports
9 Wedding Tripod Required
10 Fashion
11 Couples
12 Landscape Polariser Required
13 Nature Adjust green level
14 Candid photography
15 Emotions
16 Action
17 Wildlife
18 Macro
19 Baby
20 Flash
21 Conceptual photography
22 Vernacular photography
23 Boudoir hard to find a model
24 Still photography
25 Night Club  External flash reqd

PS: If you are in Bangalore, please invite me on your photography spree.
I “might surely” interrupt to ask the exposure levels.


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