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Nandi Hills Photography #Day14

I had to go to a special place on 26th of December, and I chose Nandi Hills. We reached there at 5:30am and then I did some Night Photography untill we were allowed to go up from the check-point which open at 6am.

Even though I chose Nandi Hills, that is not where the day ended. We left Nandi Hills at 1030 hours and on the way ate grapes and banana(I had brought from home). We reached Teppan Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar, the Japanese restaurant whose chef, June, was an amazing Philippine guy who made a lot of interesting conversation.

Then we were off to Cubbon Park where we just walked and decided not to take any photos except for the one with which we checked in. On our way back, we entered a Cake Show ++ fete(Mela). That’s where we enjoyed the most.

This was a completely new experience and a random one. If someone get to enjoy a day like this, he might as well cherish this  for the rest of his life because this is what make life worth.

This whole day I drove 180kms in my car and I am greatly thankful to my dad to teach me how I drove today, I thank my mom to make me such a gentleman, and I thank my family for letting me see this beautiful day.

And of course I thank my girlfriend who made it happen.


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