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Sports Photography #Day11

I went to play and instead I ended up clicking a lot of pics and trying new things.

Initially I went down with 18-55mm lens, only to figure out that I am not able to zoom enough. So I went back home and got the 55-300mm lens.

And clicked the following pics. Following is the procedure I used to take the snapshots.

1. Camera

  • Put the camera on Continuous Burst mode, i.e. click more than one pics continuously when the shutter button is pressed
  • Focus the person you want to click in Auto-focus
  • Switch to manual focus
  • Remove the VR(Vibration reduction) because the movement of the person will be read as vibration by the camera and it will try to rectify it, which we definitely do not want.
  • Keep your shutter speed really high, so that the person’s movement is captured precisely.
  • To balance the light, you have to increase the ISO.

The environment was dark with just the flood lights on all the four corners.

Some, I have clicked at 1/250th of a second, 4.5 exposure and 3200 ISO.

Other I have clicked at 1/1000th of a second 4.5 exposure and 12800 ISO.

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The above has been taken by 18-55mm hence no a minimum zoom.

The below has been taken by 55-300mm.

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Below are the best motion shots I have captured (I think).

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Please feel free criticize.


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