Last time MIT Protested

Subtle Words by Prannay Jha

There are two prime concerns of a parent sending his/her kid to Manipal, one is the drug scene, and other is the finance. It is often joked that they never put up a Law College here for they’d be sued till broke. The hostel, mess and the tuition fee is among the highest in the country and constantly increasing. The prestigious university is generally very careful about their name and their accounts. This article shall tell you about a certain era that prevailed in the college. It still continues, but rather more subtle.

Once upon a time MIT was headed by a personality named Madam Umbridge. She had once described her work profile to my mother as, “financial development of the college only and not some petty issues”, when our section was suspended for five days in the first year. She had hailed from a very prestigious college and as…

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