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Concert Photography #Day6

I live in a rich cultured gated society where we celebrate all the major festivals. As the Christmas is soon going to approach, there were carols sung by the All People’s Church yesterday. It was hoisted in the Amphitheater where most of our events are held.

Snack counters were open  between 6pm – 7:30pm and I had put up a stall of “Red Velvet Cake” in collaboration with few friends of mine. We sold almost 50 cupcakes and the demand was still high, but unfortunately we ran out of supply, even after baking two extra lots. The other counters had put up Keish, Chicken wings, samosa, pasta, gup-chup and many more.

The Concert had the carols, which started at 8 but we reached there half an hour late since we were busy baking the extra batch of cup-cakes. Anyways. I have captured all that happened yesterday though my 18-55mm kit lens of Nikon D5300. Hope you would enjoy it. Feel free to criticize.


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