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Night Time Self Portrait #Day7

So after the Concert at our society got over, I had enough juice left in me and so did my battery. I am amazed and glad to say that my Nikon D5300 took 1447 pics in 2 back-to-back charges. I had energy and all the opportunity to learn night time photography as beautiful lights have been put up all around the Amphitheater. First I tried capturing the snapshots handheld, but soon I understood the need of a tripod and why everyone keeps telling to get a remote. Well since I didn’t have the external remote, I used the Wi-Fi feature and used my Smart Phone as a remote to click the pic. But since over Wi-Fi, the Live View is on and that consumes a lot of battery in addition to the Wi-Fi usage, I moved to 10 seconds timer mode, which was greatly helpful.

All the self portraits have been done at 2.5 seconds of exposure, 4.5 aperture, which was minimum for my zoomed up lens, and ISO on 800, the sweet spot, and of-course on a tripod.

The places where you see only the light in my hand is blurry, is because I have tried a form of “Light Painting phenomena” on my face for those 2 seconds where the aperture was open. Light Painting my face has really made a significant change. For those who don’t know what Light Painting is, it is the reflecting the dark areas of the environment which is very low lit. Hence, you use an external light source like a flash light to illuminate the object/environment while the aperture is open. That is you let the camera capture the reflected light from the environment by an external light source.


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