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Click via smart device Using Wi-Fi on #D5300 #Day3

Click via smart device Using Wi-Fi on #D5300 #Day3Click via smart device Using Wi-Fi on #D5300 #Day3When I don’t have anything to click, these are my subjects – My flatmates.

The photos have gradually started improving. And yeah I still click only in M for Manual mode only.

I also learned how to click a photo with the Wi-Fi function on the camera.

1. The first click is just funny because of the expression on his face.
Things you need to first install the app on an android application.

  1. Goto Google Play Store
  2. Search for Nikon wireless Mobile Utility App
  3. Download the “WirelessMobileUtility” from Nikon Corporation

Things you need to click via your phone

  1. In Camera
    • Click Menu Button
    • Goto Setup Menu Tab
    • Look for “Wi-Fi” option, third from the bottom
    • Open “Network connection” and “Enable” it
  2. In Phone
    • Open you Wifi connections
    • Conenct to “Nikon_WU2_************
    • Open “wmu” application on your phone
    • Click “Take photos
  3. And you should hear the shutter of your camera open within 10 seconds and see the screen on your phone.
  4. Just click it away and never miss yourself in any photo.

2. This is the pic which I clicked using the Wi-Fi app.


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