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Cooking With Pictures #DSLR #Day2

Here is the link to my My first try at DSLRs #Day1 if you haven’t read it.

I didn’t really go out today as it was Sunday and hence I planned to click whatever my flatmate was cooking.

For all the fish lovers out there, here is the recipe of #Catla in #Mustard Gravy.

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4 thoughts on “Cooking With Pictures #DSLR #Day2

  1. Oh my, different cultures, different gravies. When I taught English as a second language I made good old midwestern sausage gravy. They loved it as it was so different from their gravy “salsa”. This mustard gravy is interesting. You did a great job of showing how to do it.

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    1. Thanks…
      how did you get to this post..

      I had forgotten about this. Its been a year since that post.

      haha…now I am almost on #Day150


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