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My first try at DSLRs #Day1

My first try at DSLRs #Day1

I bought a Nikon DSLR – D5300 with a lot of fancy features namely

GPS for geo-tagging,

Wi-Fi to connect with your android which also lets you take pictures,

No low pass image filter resulting in low noise at high ISOs – EXPEED 4

  1. How did I choose what I chose

I saw a lot of YouTube videos for a full 2 months before deciding on which one to buy. In the process I changed my mind from Cannon 1200D -> 600D -> 700D -> Nikon D5200 -> D3300 -> D5300

I chose D5300 because it has the latest technology and big screen. Even though it does not have touch screen like Canon 700D, in my view, a photographer doesn’t really need one.

  1. How to learn to click good pics

I again have been watching a lot of videos on how to click great pictures but nothing really helped when I actually held the camera in my hand. It is all blurry and hazy and distorted and over or under exposed. So, to learn about how to use the camera, I have promised myself to click only in “M”,”P”,”A” and “S” modes where you have complete control over your photos. So, to increase my learning exponentially I have started clicking first in Auto mode without flash, see the setting in Play mode and then recreating the same settings in custom modes and then fiddle around with those settings. This has worked out for me in lighted areas but somehow it starts to differ when in low light. Also, when in live view, the shutter of the camera clicks twice, I don’t know why.

  1. Below are few of my clicks which I had taken yesterday. These are the only ones which made sense and could be kept after clicking 221 clicks (rest had to be deleted due to various reasons).

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