YES or NO to #Pre-Marital Sex

A simple question to a complex question: What does your heart say.

Yeh India hey meri jaan“. “Yahan sab bikta hai.”  This is India. You can sell anything here.
From the smallest idea to create the digit “0” to the great MARS mission. From the tiniest thought to serve milk to gods to human trafficking.  “Yeh India hey meri jaan“. “Yahan sab bikta hai.”

The people in this country are more afraid of the evil spirits than the harm the spirits/alcohols would be doing to their body and brains.

The diversity not just includes culture and religion but food, attire, clothing, festivals and many more; in short life as we know it in one part of the city may very well be different from the adjacent neighborhood. And that is just on a minor scale. Think of what it can be when spread on a diverse scale.

Hence, an issue so intricate cannot be answered in YES or NO with another few questions which would make you realize what you want, what your heart wants.

  1. What do you think, your parents think of it, and how do you differ?
  2. Does your culture approve of it?
  3. What do your friends have to say of it?
  4. How many girlfriends have you had till the age of 21 and do your parent know about it?

At first the last question would look like a stupid question but that is the most important question of all.

  1. If you have more than 3 girlfriends and your parents know about them, you are more like to reply affirmatively to the main question.
  2. If you have more than 3 girlfriends and your parents don’t know about them, you are more like to reply affirmatively in secrecy but would reply negatively when asked with relatives around.
  3. If you have had no girlfriends till 21 and your parents don’t encourage such topics, you are more like to reply negatively and heart would say the same.

The first and the last are clear about what they want but the people of second category are very confused guys, because they are the guys who are in transition, thinking differently from the elders in their family. Hence, they think they are transitioning  to a newer world which their parent wont understand and this is what gets them wired differently and may potentially die of guilt.

Well I am no expert on the topic, but I believe its always your own decision to take and its really not much of a deal. There are a lot worse issues in the world to debate about.
Its been ages since the times in India has changed and it has become a shining India but the “soch” of the society still remain the same. That is what needs to be upgraded.

I believe,for me, when the time comes the answer would be YES.

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One thought on “YES or NO to #Pre-Marital Sex

  1. Its either sex or no-sex! Let’s not complicate things further with several other varieties of sex – premarital, teenage, casual, causal, FB etc etc


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