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The name of the list is Wildlife India and since I currently live in Bangalore I wish to visit all the places near it. Hence, 4 out of 5 in the list is in South India.

Still, the number 1 national park i would like to visit is the Kaziranga near Guwahati, Assam. Not just the fact that it is far away from where I live , excite me but also the fact that the beauty of the North East is untouched by the human exploitation makes me want to capture the complete beauty of such a place. And, of-course the thrill to wait silently in a place for a wild to show-up just to get that perfect shot in its natural environment.

Number two on the list revealed itself when I searched for forest. In the pictures the environment is super filled with trees and classic toys to capture through a lens.The place itself looks like some cultural heritage which may be captured for the dreams of the future generation. This is a place where you don’t take your killer communication channel (smartphone) with you.

Third on the list is the very awaited Gokarna. I studied in a nearby college but could never ever go to Gokarna due to unlikely circumstances. Forever, this place scream of its beauty, the power of positivism and how easy it is to just relax and forget about the fighting world , the one where every morning is a fight to stay alive and worth living. This place is where you get rewarded if you have lived long enough. It can very likely be called small Goa.

Fourth being camping because I have never had an experience, and i love experiencing new moments in my life. The life is too small not do things today and regret it later. Live life like it is your last day and you would make the most of it. The life I want to lead is full of adventure, landscape, wildlife and fun loads of photography. I don’t know it is to camp in the middle of a forest where you are surrounded by various creatures of various threat level and you just survive the night .I think that would be the most fun part of it. Also, that early morning walk in the wild, the swim in the river and the excitement to do something new. That is what i wish i can capture in my memory.

Last but not the least is the Periyar forest famous for its tiger reserves. I wish i could see these wild creatures in action in their actual environment and how they rule it. That is one of my very young dreams which i wish to realise in my distant future. Also, as i said before, the thrill to wait silently in a place for a wild to show-up just to get that perfect shot in its natural environment, is extra-ordinary.

P.S. My first dslr nikon d5300 is on its way. Currently in transit.


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