Beautiful letter from #girlFriend

Just so that this doesn’t get lost.

Darling, I hope you like waking up to my voice and then reading a sweet message from your girlfriend. It will be like reading a page from the diary.
I just want to say that I will be going to sleep now. My parents are still watching the movie. It’s really good you see. Maybe you can watch it too sometime.
I hope this message will suffice (for now) :

Obviously, I don’t like it when you lose your temper and I especially hate being the cause of it. Please know that I will do my best to prevent a similar situation from occurring again. I can feel my love deepening for you. That is why my emotions have amplified. I know I need to get them back in control. Please don’t get freaked out. My feelings for you should not obligate you to do anything for me. And if you feel this relationship is no onger worth it, then don’t worry about how I will feel about it. I am stronger than you think. The only thing is that I am extremely emotional. This is probably not what you wanted in a girlfriend. But remember that I am also a really happy person and I will soon return to my baseline.
Lastly, I hope you have a lovely day wherein you learn many things about the MBA courses in the US. I have gotten more good news. I hope you get some as well. Even though our dreams don’t match and may be the reason for our separation, I still want what’s best for you. It pains me to think of the paths we’re taking when I think about them in terms of our relationship. I still feel that what we have is beautiful. I must thank you for seeing the best in me and giving me the opportunity and honour of accepting your proposal. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I pity those girls who couldn’t see you for what you really are. I would love to tell them what they missed out on. I would tell them how they lost the opportunity to experience true and long-lasting happiness. In fact, I was surprised to find that the French guys didn’t impress me all that much as you were in the same room. You have a unique charm. Of course, the skill with which you play badminton was significant, but it goes beyond that.
See, I told you the mood changes for me at night. I hope this message makes you happy and that you don’t feel it’s over-the-top.
You know what, I took so long to type this that the movie got over and my parents went to bed 😛


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