Tribute to #Sobha42

Just wanted to let you know that both of you are super important in my life and I will be there for you whatever happens. Even if I an angry or unhappy with you, I would still be there to help, NO MATTER WHAT. If you need anything, just ask.

“Thanks for being a part of my life and making it as happy and healthy as it is.” This is something you say to your wife, but this I dedicate to my past life. And by past life I mean the very special 1 year and 1 week that I have spent in this spectacular house(#Sobha42 as we call it) where three crazily stupid-smart alchemists live. This is where the daily problems start getting discussed over the dinner and by the end of it we end up solving the world’s most critical problems. It’s a house but they made it home. I never realised this before this day, but what we have and what we do in this palace of ours is extra ordinary.

After I graduated from Manipal, I was placed into Toshiba in Bangalore. I never cared to think about how I would sustain my life in this new environment because there were people to do that for me. Hence, I lived a carefree life. I moved to Bangalore from Gurgaon on 10th August and joined my company on 12th August. I lived with my mamaji for 2 months and cant begin to imagine how much he and mamiji has done for me in those two months and even now. He drove me around half the city just so that I find a decent condo to move in. Even though I did like a few where I could have settled, he did not let me compromise because he knew what I like, better than me. Finally, I found a flat in a decent society which met all my requirements, met the flatmates, got a little scared when I saw the balcony(reason – censored). I gave them the check the same evening, in the form of token money, which actually never got converted and returned to me eventually. They told me that I could move in on 15th of September. Everything went as planned and life hasn’t been the same ever since.

I cleaned up my room, lay my mattress, set up my cupboard and study desk and everything smoothly. And because everything went so smoothly that I had never realised, I was blessed with these wonderful roommates, who have been there as my alternative family and watching over me for over a year now. Joyda and Atul, some what contrast to each other, but completely different than I. They provide a perfect condition for my brain to grow and think on different verticals. They also act as a tranquilizer to my explosive nature, as I have a habit of exploring more than I should at this age. I am called “hero” here because I am always in Tushaan. I was a little offended initially but now it feels like a Title. <sigh>

Both of these miraculously smart super-humans have lifted and encouraged me when I was low, jolted my energy when I was disappointed, comforted me when I was sad, and most of all, never let me feel alone. As they say it, we have come from a similar background and that’s why we can understand each other so well. One of them is a true inspiration to me and his knowledge on any vertical is so tremendous that a normal human being would be shell shocked, and he would always have an advise for you. The other one has the special ability to make you feel at home with his caring attitude. I would jump up a note, and say that he runs the house (in a good way of-course), meaning he is the dispute resolver at home. I don’t know whether these things matter to you guys but I sure you care and that’s the best part. All the small advises which might have been common sense and petty thoughts to you and you still expressed them over dinner or otherwise. I would like to mention that all your advises have been well registered in my brain and I deeply acknowledge it.

Lastly, I would explicitly say that if I am reborn, I would love to relive the same moments, with you guys, all over again.

My Recent World

Where all the fun begins…some special moments captured : https://twitter.com/search?q=%23sobha42&src=typd


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