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#UniverCelsius is Rising

How did I get to know about the event.

Being an indiblogger and an technocrat couldn’t have missed the opportunity to attend this event.

Where was it.

8,NGEF Quarters, Pinnamangala 1st Stage, CMH Road, Indira Nagar, Bangalore

When was it.

August 24, 12-3 PM

What was it about.

This was a way to publicise the “Univercell Sync” hardware store.
But what I found there was much more greater.

Why did I go.

I am planning to buy a phone for my mom and my dad had picked out HTC 816. I had never heard of it. Me being a gizmo freak and the most consulted person in my circle for a gadget I had to research. So after doing my research, I came to a conclusion that it was a wonderful handset. I still wasn’t satisfied as this model isn’t really a flagship model. Hence, I decided to go check it out in person, and what better way than a mobile shop.


I reached the shop around 1pm and at first I din’t feel the buzz. I dint really feel anything different about the store as I entered. But as I was exploring through the gadgets a person approached me and asked what I was looking for. I told him my specifications, my requirements and he instantly showed me HTC-816. One of his response I would like to quote was, “Please hold it, feel the device and only then would you be able to decide better”. This was the exact moment when it really struck me. That he wasn’t trying to sell the product. He was genuinely catering to my needs. Right from the first “Good Afternoon Sir” at the gate to the beautifully segregated maintained shelves and the dummy pieces, everything was just blending(more like syncing) in me. I eventually learned that this was the first branch of it kind within India. Their prices are very competitive with the online prices as well. Another wonderful prompt answers, “Our relationship doesn’t end when we sell you the mobile, its just the beginning”. 20140824_132243


The checklist pic reminds me that they had this in every section for even a technologically illiterate person to understand his needs and lay it better out there. Also, this NFC enabled LG mobile printer was a great value addition to my knowledge. It claims to never run out of ink. That’s gotta be something.  Generally, a person just goes in a shop and explains what they want and the shopkeeper hands it over and finish… but, its different here. Once you start interacting with these guys, they understand your needs and explain you new stuff, wonderful stuff, stuff you did not know existed, stuff which amazed me to my core.


Also, to my surprise in the audio section they had Beats by Dr Dre, something which I never thought I would see in Indian stores. Oh! btw I had an appointment at 2:30 pm and I should have left the place around 2:00pm, but to my surprise when I saw the watch, it was already 2:20pm and still had a lot more to explore. Hence, I would like to say that please do visit this store and let your senses be amazed by the Univercell Sync family.


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