What’s new in #Java8

Lambda expressions: a new language feature  that treats functionality as method argument, or code as data.

Essentially as developers we’re used to use loop operations as one of the most basic programming idioms, right up there with if and else.

The introduction of Lambda expressions turned that paradigm around, with the actual iteration over a collection on which a Lambda function is applied now carried out by the core library itself (i.e. internal iteration).

Map<Person.Sex, List<Person>> byGender =;

Parallel operations: An exciting possibility opened by this design pattern is to enable operations carried out on long arrays such as sorting, filtering and mapping to be carried out in parallel by the framework.When dealing with server code that’s processing lengthy collections on a continuous basis, this can lead to major throughput improvements with relatively little work from your end.

ConcurrentMap<Person.Sex, List<Person>> byGender =

Significant enhancements include

default methods

new package

Date-Time API.

Compact Profiles contain predefined subsets of the Java SE platform and enable applications that do not require the entire Platform to be deployed and run on small devices(smallest being 128kb).

JavaFX documentation has been updated for this release.

Nashorn, JVM JavaScript engine.This engine makes unique use of some of the new features introduced in Java 7 such as invokeDynamic to provide JVM-level speed to JavaScript execution right there.

here are tons of resources to learn Java online. Here are some very useful links:




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