#JifiIsHere Experience as HealthCare Guy

One of my first banking experiences. I had never thought that I would be attending any of the banking sector event but being in Bangalore since August not attending even one event of indiblogger was getting on my nerve. Hence, I decided to go to the event with no expectations. Even more, I joked about how Jifi is similar to Wifi and should be pronounced JaiFai. It was amazing how the event was live in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi at the same time and we could hangout with people from all three cities on Google. The agenda was interesting as it started with Cocktail hour, and the time I reached the venue almost everyone had a drink in their hand. Regarding the venue, it was The Biere Club, Bangalore where we get the best wheat beer in town.


The N.E.R.D. of the show was Mr. Chetan Bhagat, thee writer, who was live with us from Mumbai.

20140323_151350_Lavelle Rd_Richtone(HDR)20140323_153622_Lavelle Rd20140323_151751_Lavelle Rd20140323_160204_Richtone(HDR)

The event obviously started with a bang due to the cocktail and I became the HealthCare guy as I made “popat” of myself J

During the real talk hour, I learnt a lot about social banking and how it linked a loads of social networking sites to banking and how well secured they were. Some of the few questions everyone asked were:Fav Tweets

  1.        Who secure is this method
  2.        What is its future in banking sector
  3.        What if we deactivate our social networking accounts
  4.        What happens if we lose our phone with Facebook/twitter logged in
  5.        What is the points collected worth

To experience the whole new world of banking click here. Best wishes for the huge bank balances.


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