How a #Geek proposes to his #First_Girl :)

 <<Following blog was written only for my girl and this is how I proposed to her>>
<<The comments are written after “//”>>

First time I got a yes…26th December
First hug x 3… 25th Decemeber 2013
I totally got my Christmas gift. My first hug ever.
It was nothing less than watching the Aurora Borealis or the Aurora Australis.

Simply B>E>A>U>>tiful

Proposed to her like this…
in an unconventional unpredictable way…this is the spike i was talking about

stop it if its a shallow one…. //Well, it wasn’t shallow

here it goes

sweetness itni ki shakkar phiki pad jaye/diabatese ho jaye
bholapan bacchon se bhi zyada/itna ki bachhey sharma jayen
jab bole to patjhar khil jaye/dhol-nagade bhi mute ho jaaye
jab muskuraye to murde se bhi disco karwaye
jab gale lage to raat din ho jaaye
roye to bday boy bhi ro jaaye
aur jab naa ho paas to dhoom 3 bhi phiki par jaaye
life ko romance se bhigaye
intersting ko intersting kaa matlab samjhaye
pyar ko pyar karna seekhaye
mere life se bhi zyada important ho jaaye
guzarte hue pal mein madhosh kar jaaye
madhoshi ke aalam mein muskurahut chor jaaye
mukurahat mein chupi hansi ki wajah ban jaaye
hansi mein cheepi raas-leela kar jaaye
Jaaye na kabhi wo humse door, itni gusaarish hai
itti si guzaarish hai rab se,
rab kabhi milen ussey, to apne creation pe khud hairaan na reh jaaye.

I definitely got a YES after putting along this insanely cheesy poem…


3 thoughts on “How a #Geek proposes to his #First_Girl :)

  1. 2 years down the line and now this geek is thinking if all this was worth it.
    I sure think I am stronger and unapproachable emotionally and way too mature now.
    I am guessing its just a phase of life and it will pass soon, cuz its already been 3 months.


  2. Wah! Wah! What a proposal! So sweet…I blush every time I read it. I automatically start smiling. I’m so glad you did this 🙂
    Must have taken a lot of guts. Congratulations 😛


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