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My bday week 2013

I started the celebration a day before with a Pizza party at my place and invited all the mag friends from the society. I was the last one to join the party as I was getting ready.i have never been on time to my own parties ever and the legend continues. I was late even though I was inside the house cuz i was getting ready. The party picked up pace and we decided to play spin the bottle. All of us got to know about some secret from others’ life (decently put). Eventually, pizzas arrived and we continued playing. I took a dare to do a pole dance. They say it was sporty but was more like fun. Though, one of my roommate did pull my leg during one of the truths I was asked. All left around 10 and after the 2 hours of wait, I cut my cake.

I got my headphones on and put mobile in my pocket. I simultaneously received 7 calls and cut my britannia cake and gt photographs taken. That was too much of multitasking at once for me. As expected the 10 calls didn’t come at night but 9 managed to recall it through the day and wished. The day was awesome. I reached office and played dumb-sharaz because no training was planned for that day and we were allowed to go if we pleased. I was asked to wait so that I could cut cake and they made me wait for over an hour. But the chocolate cake was worth the wait. All my colleagues went to the cafeteria and enjoyed. While no one from my college put cake on my face as expected. A few others did take their chances though. After that, along with two of my friends I went bowling at amoeba where all three of us dint appreciate the bowling alley. Later we got ourselves movie tickets to Bullet Raja and enjoyed lunch at KFC and Subway. One of my friends even slept off while we were at the crowded food court. Next we enjoyed the movie and then I went off to my relatives’ place where I cut my 2nd chocolate cake and played with my small cousins brother. I reached back at 10ish, sat on the bench in front of my building and unloaded something I was wanting to, for very long. I reached back home around 11ish. Since my third roommate had gone for engagement, he was supposed to come the same night.  He managed to make it by 11:57 and then I cut my third chocolate cake.  That makes it 4 cakes in a day and too much chocolate for a month. In the meanwhile I had two missed calls from a person who wanted to wish me last but I missed it.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday went just about fine. But Friday night was again a new turn. I invited all my MSP friends the same morning and all except 2 showed up. I wanted to order from Domino’s and I did but then the store calls and asks me to reorder at a nearer store which has just opened. While I was doing that the site shut itself down and neither did they attend to the calls. So we went 4 and had dinner at Panchami Gardens, a restaurant nearby. Then we came back at 11 and as usual all had reached and I was the last one to the event. We started chatting as we had a lot of catching up to do. I cut my 4th cake but this was pineapple and strawberry, at 12 and got a wonderful hair conditioning done by one of my flatmates. The ingredients were ketchup, chilli sauce, vinegar, pepsi, rava/suji and a carrot topping.

Ofcouce with my face covered IN vanilla cake this time (mark when I say in and not with). (This was my first experience getting this treatment. In college it was rounds of hot and cold water with shampoo and washing/talcum powder.)

Then I washed my hair, clicked a few pics and all of us went to my room and saw Evil Dead which was nothing of an horror. Until now there were 7 people in my room and none of them were asleep. The movie finished around 2 and I checked my messages. Surprisingly I had one, sent to me at 1:09. I had something which did not belonged to someone else and was crytial for their project. I

called and then gave it later as we are in the same society. In the meanwhile, another 2 friends decided to show up and they got hooka along. So I came back up to my apartment along with them and setup the hooka. While we were enjoying the moment one of the friends pulled it a little too far and hooka fell. One of the charcoal was on my laptop and another on the bed. I knocked the charcoal on bed with my fingers. (Parental advisory: nerver perform this sfunt at home). It was really hot but it was off the bed. Another friend took care of the laptop. We pulled everything together and we were back on smoothly. I was in trans state in 20 minutes and enjoying the music being played. Then we had awesome maggie which is always made by a particular friend of mine. Its more of a ritual. Later we just danced, played antakshari. 2 friends left at 4 cuz they had something to take care of in the morning. We slept in next hour and all of us got up at 9 the next morning and went to have breakfast in BTM 2nd stage. Later I came back home had bath, lunch and slept. Woke up after 8 just to find out that my flatmates were missing. While I was asleep they played baddy and got groceries. I went downstairs to recharge myself, talked to my friends for really late. Also, I figured while chatting with 3 of my close friends that I am being gifted something that all men like and is selected by otousan of a girl.
I came back home and flatmates had decided to watch Insidious 2. One of us has a king bed and a home theatre. And that is where all the movies are screened. We finished the movie just before 2 and I dint want to risk getting scared so I dint budge from where I was watching the movie. Also, I wasn’t sleepy, so decided to chat. But whatapp betrayed me and got stuck around 3. Hence I had no option but to shut my eyes. I think I slept somewhere around 4.
Woke up at 7 at my alarm, 8 at someone else’s alarm and finally risen from bed 9:45. Have planned Lunch with my office friends. Should probably get ready.




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