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My Diwali 2013

I behaved in the maximum mature way possible in the diwali and this what I get.

My dad is a diwali person and he loves specially the cracker bursting part. Previous to the diwali, i went to leisure valley grounds with my cousins and the bought crackers (as minimum as possible compared to history) as I knew I wasn’t going to burst much crackers.

The day of Diwali

In past 21 years in my lifetime, there was not one diwali when I did not request my parents to hurry up with the Laxmi Pooja and have been explained to wait a little longer; reason being everyone will take their time to get ready. But this diwali I behaved as mature as possible and not a single time quarreled to let me loose so that i can burn crackers asap. We were finally able to reach the ground by 9:15 pm(as compared to 8pm last time) and I started enjoying diwali along with my cousins. I burned a few crackers and then I started clicking pics. But after a lot of modifications in the pic I finally managed to get the right set of them. But as soon as i could manage to click a few good click and turned towards my mother, I saw her holding the cracker packet and she was ready to leave

Papa neither informed me he is going and neither did he take the crackers. Neither did he fiddle with my “free will”.




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