Toshiba Outbound 2013

Place: Wonder Valley

Day: Thursday

Time: 7am – 6pm

Toshiba, being a Japanese company has a culture based more on trust, confidence and honesty amongst their clients, customers and the employees. To develop the same, we, the new recruits were sent on an outbound training program. There was a bus already waiting for all 44 of us at the office when we reached there.

It was a Thursday morning and the instruction were to carry an extra set of clothes and arrive by 7am. The new recruits, fresh blood as I like to call it, had no clue what this program is all about. All we knew was the location. Again Google wasn’t much of a help explaining our adventure site. Reaching office 2 hours ahead of time was a big challenge but all of us managed reached office and we started our journey at 7:30. Just after 10 mins of getting out of the sleepy mode the music started. It was fine till there but once the songs started in local dialect in became painful for the people who did not understand the language. One of us was brave enough to get the music changed and hence I slept throughout the way silently saving myself from the rest, who had somehow 1-2-3-4 gathered courage to “get on the dance floor” which was more of a squeezed space with a lot of shoulder movements.

Out Bound 004

It took just more than an hour to arrive at our destination. I could feel the freshness of the environment and the calmness in the air. We were assembled by our coordinator and introduced to the mentors who were given the herculean task of the day – to conduct the programme in an orderly fashion.

Out Bound 030

The challenge was taken up by Go-Xcursion, Travel Company and end to end solution provider for team-building and fun activities for corporate. We started our day with breakfast buffet and assembled next to the lake. A few changed into a more comfortable dresses they had brought and it was all going easy until we met the team Go-Xcursion. It was headed by Manish Anand and support team had Noor Ul Huda and Sunny Kukerja. Manish explained the reason we were there i.e. team building. We were put in a situation where we are stuck in a jungle and we had various challenges to cross to get out of there.

Out Bound 069

Followed by the twisted Chinese whisper where we had pass the information just by touch.

Then we crossed the acid lake by using just three carots. For more clarity on my words see the video.

Next we had a spider web through which people had to pass without touching it. I was trying to do an insane jump which is a completely different story. But I like my rebut statement “Successful stupid is smart” on the comment “there is a difference between stupid and smart”. I even got hurt which making the jump. I also took an ant bite because I was standing without shoes.

Next we had to pick a ball using just a key ring. The ring had threads attached to it and using that we to place the ball to a different location. Yeah, this required a lot of effort.

We break at 1 for lunch and reassembled at 2. There was a 10 minutes warm-up session which was more of a mind-body coordination of an exercise. Next, the situation was- to cross the quick sand using just the 2 planks of wood and rope. Followed by being blind-folded put in a queue and instructed by the leaded to cross through the jungle which was really scary at first.

Finally we were split in to 2 teams and both our legs tied to the person who is next to us and we had to cross a patch of few meters.

Out Bound 116

After this hectic day, we were allowed to choose between volleyball, badminton, basketball and few more. Well, I chose photography as always. Morals which were taught in the activities were trust building, asking for directions when needed, making no assumptions, concentration, perseverance, utilizing resources, following the leader blindly and the most important line of action.
In all it was a wonderful day spent with our colleagues and had a lot of things to take from these exercises. I hope the same remains throughout my journey of life. 😉

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