800kms – 3 states(UP, Rajasthan, MP) – 157kmph

Gurgaon-Agra-Gwalior-Gurgaon By Road Journey

800kms – 3 states(UP, Rajasthan, MP) – 157kmph
My latest road-trip this weekend included the visit to the Agra and Gwalior. Although, that wasn’t the exciting part. What was exciting was the 165km world-class Yamuna Expressway stretch from Greater Noida to Agra. Its an 8 lane road with a maximum speed of 100kmph. I was travelling in an hired Innova with a colleague of my dad.

Yamuna Expressway Entrance
Yamuna Expressway Entrance

I boarded the vehicle at 7am. We crossed most of Delhi with me drowsing in the back seat. I did got an adrenaline rush once we were on the Yamuna Expressway and our vehicle was touching the wind-speed. The driver, being familiar with the road, told all about the villagers,the famous F1 track, the nilgai visible in the region, and we even encountered a few dancing peacocks. The road was blessed with the tyre marks and cursed with a few blood spills. I learnt that the tyre bursts of the friction as the road is cemented which creates more heat due to friction that the normal roads. The road consists of only three tolls and three food joints on either sides of the road.

We reached Agra at 11pm and went to see the Taj Mahal, but being Friday couldn’t do so. The next in the itinerary was the Agra Red Fort and we spent almost an hour there exploring all the 16 quilaas on our own. I did manage to click the Taj Mahal from the fort though. 🙂

The Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal

Next, it was time for us to take lunch. We took a buffet at Peshawari restaurant in ITC Mughal at around 1pm. Frankly I did expect better from a 5-star hotel and the reason being they had no ice-cream.

The next stop of our journey was hotel in Gwalior. In the meanwhile we crossed the ghati of the very famous Chambal, MP which is right next to Rajasthan. We reached hotel at 7pm and since then I relaxed in my room till they very special dinner I took that day. The next day was not much until lunch time. After lunch I went to see the museum followed by the Sun Temple.

Entrance of the Museum

After that I tried looking for a coffee shop but unable to do so, returned to my hotel, packed my bags and headed straight for home.

And let me tell you one thing… Yamuna Expressway is far more beautiful at night than at day time.

being said that…let me confess that we did pushed our limit and manage to reach 157kmph with our ac turned on.

Look at the SpeedoMeter

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2 thoughts on “800kms – 3 states(UP, Rajasthan, MP) – 157kmph

  1. Wish you had given the post more words… I’ve driven on this route and it is a mind-blowing stretch until Agra. However, the road from there to Gwalior is average… and from Gwalior to Jhansi is absolutely horrid! That last stretch is a nightmare.

    Arvind Passey


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