Rajasthan RoadTrip Spree

India is only country, where distance is measured in time.”

Planned to take a road trip to Hindu religious places in Rajasthan for 2 days. Ended up 3 days in a spectacular Innova driving on

NH-8, NH-11, NH-12,NH-13, NH-37 B, NH-71-B
1200km on RoAd — 5 tourist spots

The taxi left my calm-home at 6 in dawn with me, my parents and the driver of the vehicle. The vehicle was partially new which was convenient for all of us. The first destination was Salasar Balaji which is 350kms away from my home. We reached the guest house of the PowerGrid in Sikar. The substation seemed still under-construction but the guest house and the food was wonderful. We reached there at 4 in the eve and finally refuel ourselves. We left for Salasar Dham at around 6pm. It is a one hour drive to the temple and in the meanwhile we crossed Modi Institute of Science and Technology. Once we reached the place the aura completely change to a holy level. There is always a story to a place and there I learnt that this is the only place in our universe where “hanumanji has beard and mustache“. While lingering around I figured, there are many dharamshalas made around the place and the good ones too, for the yatris to stay. We reached back to our temporary home around 10, took our dinner and went straight to bed. We were suggested to retake the trip to the Dham in the morning and so we did after the checkout. But to our surprise, the morning devotee had increased exponentially and this time the time consumed was much more than yesterday.

Way to Salesar
On Our Way to Salesar

Finally, we made it to through after long 2hours, had the prashad, and then left for our next destination, that is Khatu Shyamji. We reached there at 1pm and made it as quickly as possible because of our delay in schedule earlier. To reach this place we had to walk almost 2 kms through the dense shops blocking our view on both sides. This was a smaller temple but again filled with thousands of devotees. For the lunch we had the famous “kachori and lassi” from the shops around. Till now we had covered two towns namely Salasar and Chirawa which in itself is 120kms apart. Till now, collectively we had traveled almost 650kms.

Itinerary Within Chokhi Chani
Itinerary Within Chokhi Chani
Pottery Making
Pottery Making

Next in itinerary is the famous Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur, another 100kms away. We then moved  our stuff to the Jaipur guest house, dumped our luggage, rested for while & left for the excitement. Entered the gates of surprises at 6 in the eve, encountered with puppet show, bullock-cart, camel ride, elephant ride, pottery making, shopping handicraft, viewing  the garbha style, etc. Saw houses, utensils & other day-to-day local apparatus they used & put my photography skills to capture all. We had our dinner scheduled at 10 in the Royal lounge. They served the splendid local cuisine. Just to prove my point they had 5 types of rotis and I surely tried all of them along with dal-bati-churma and the rest. I did push my limits to stuff myself with as much as possible.

Royal Rajasthani Thali
Royal Rajasthani Thali

After spending the amazing 4 hour, it still left me craving for more and few sites still uncovered. After the heavy fulfilling meal I could barely make it to the guest house by 11pm, went straight to bed in pain, cursing my idiotic decision and hoped for a healthy tomorrow.

We were supposed to go back straight home this morning but to my surprise the plans had changed. We had another day added to the itinerary. We had to leave to Ajmer. Apparently, this was decided after i was deep asleep. Following the instructions to get ready asap, i could barely manage to finish my sandwich and boarded the taxi at 7. Drifting away 150kms from our original course, with the driver having dicey moments about the turns, we managed to reach Pushkar, the most serene place i ever saw. With the Pushkar Lake so big and the devotees all around it, the view was just magnificent. The we went and saw the Brahma temple nearby. We stayed there for a couple of hours enjoying the indescribable power in the aura.

Pushkar Lake
Pushkar Lake

Moving on to the 5th and final spot of our trip we reached Dargah Sharif of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti. This was the place which was filled with the Dargah devotees. I enjoyed seeing a new sight, blood of the lamb spilled right outside a religious place. This was the first time I ever witnessed such a scene, but was a experience +1/. I did buy a couple of special cookies which was famous around that place.

 Dargah Ajmer Sharif
Dargah Ajmer Sharif

When we could finally catch our breath it was already 2pm and we rushed back to the parking. On our way back home we took lunch at 4pm at Mc Donald’s on NH8. Around 10pm the driver was too keen for dinner but dad insisted on driving through because the traffic was piling on and we finally reached home at 1am after midnight actually dodging a traffic jam.

This was one of the most exciting Journey of my life where I traveled >1200km in just 3 days with loads of cultural inputs.

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One thought on “Rajasthan RoadTrip Spree

  1. Gosh, we went to a similar trip! And stopped at all the places! Salasar Dham, Ichapuram, Khatu Shayam ji, Jaipur Ajmer and Pushkar! Only respite (for me) from this temple trail was Abhaneri – which has the largest step well!
    Your write-up brought back fond memories! 🙂


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