Boost and Increase your Internet Speed


Tweak: Un-reserving bandwidth:
By Default, Windows reserves 20% of bandwidth for it’s own use.This should be undone immediately to optimize your net speed.To do so you need not install any extra program, you can do this with a simple setting given below.

1) Press “Windows key + R”(shortcut key for RUN).
2) Now type gpedit.msc.This will give access to Group Policy Editor.
3) Then Navigate to Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Network/QOS Packet Scheduler using the pane on the left side.
4) Now in the right panel you will notice a option called “Limit Reservable Bandwitdth”.Right click on it and choose “Edit” option.
5) A new window will pop out where you find Bandwidth Limit is set to 20% by default.Now click enabled and change Bandwidth Limit to 0 then apply the changes.
6) Hit ok the close the group policy editor.


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