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Electric Shock When Touching Anything



This is static electricity. It is not the normal current in the wires flowing through our houses.




How is the static electricity generated?



Static electricity is mostly generated by friction. We read about this in class 4th or 5th. We even charged the comb by rubbing against our dry hair and then tried to pick the bits of paper like a magnet.




Why it happens only in Summers?


It mostly occurs in summers because it is the most dry season of all times.


Scientific Explaination: As explained above with the example, the charges can be easily held by the body at a particular location, since the water resistant capacity is low and hence the charges are unable to transmit/flow throughout the body.
Well, now since we have brushed up on static electricity and why it happens lets talk about its preventions.


How to prevent the Electric Shock conundrum ?


  1. Keep yourself hydrated all the time. This will prevent you from generating static electricity form within. But, this is generally not the case. We keep ourself hydrated all the time, afterall we are 70% water.
  2. The main reason of electric shock is the dry skin which can easily hold the static charge because its dry due to the weather. Hence, apply oil/moisturizer on the skin to keep it hydrated.
  3. The electricity is generated on the finger tips, because the charges have a tendency to accumulate on a smaller surface area. Hence, if you are afraid to touch a metal door/knob/handle here is a tip.
    A. Electric charge is maximum
    B. Electric charge exists
    C. Electric charge is minimum

    As seen in the pic, the electric charge would be maximum when you try to contact a surface perpendicular to your fingertips. To avoid getting a harsh shock try approaching  the surface diagonally. But the best would be to first keep your palm of the surface, if possible, no negate the shock completely.



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