#GlobalWindowsAzure BootCamp Vs #bcd9 BarCamp

There were two event i attended this Saturday. #GlobalWindowsAzure bootcamp at Microsoft Gurgaon and #bcd9 “BarCampDelhi the 9th”  at SAP Labs Gurgaon. I reached the Bootcamp at 9:45am and saw not much of the activity taking place. So, I moved to the BarCamp. There i met a couple of MSPs, was amazed by the venue and loved the enthusiasm with people were attending the event so early morning. I attended the first track-2 session by Dhananjay Kumar over Mobile Hybrid Apps and then left back for Bootcamp.

When i reached the Microsoft Venue, Gaurav Mantri was on the dice and was explaining about Azure.

  1. SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  2. Public, Private, Hybrid
  3. Scalable, Pay-As-Use, Uptime
  4. Blob, SQL Azure, Storage

His session ended with a demo over hosting over Cloud. Then we were offered lunch around 2:30pm and the session resumed at 3;30pm with Dhananjay Kumar taking the lead and explaining the connectivity in Azure with Mobile Services through XAML-C# and HTML5-JS.

BootCamp at GlobalWindowsAzure
BootCamp at GlobalWindowsAzure

Finally, attendees were able to get their hands on around 4:30pm but we had to wrap it up around 5. In all, the whole day was productive for me and I even won my self DevCraft liscence, me getting lucky for the first time.One of the MSPs had a bike and he dropped me in my colony around 7pm. I reached back home at 8pm after playing football on my way and learnt that I had to move on to another party. Thats just my weekend going at a greater speed than usual.


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