6 Less Known Advantages of Being a Microsoft Student Partner

1.      Interviews

One of the crucial period in a student’s life is when he is in his final year of college and ready for placements. Being an MSP surely gives us an edge over the rest of the crowd. It also gives us the responsibility to know more than the rest. Once technical interviews know our MSP tag, they start questioning from a completely different set of questions. And the non-technical interview completely revolves around the activities we have done as an MSP and its outcome.

2.      User Groups

Once we are an MSP, we get access to various benefits. One of them being, getting privilege to be part of an elite user group present in most of the cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, etc. The user group gives us what a student does not learn in their classroom studies. The sessions and the panel discussions gives us the insight we need to keep our selves updated with the industry.

3.      Networking

Another feature which the existing MSPs do not understand but it’s worth more than just a dime. Once we attend the sessions be real or virtual, we have a wonderful opportunity to make ourselves known to the professional. This is the time when you show off your skills and let the professionals know what we are worth. And you never know when they might help us in the future. This definitely gives us an edge in searching for jobs, internships and references.

4.      Webinars

We explicitly get invites to attend webinars on various cutting-edge topics delivered by pro-developers from all across the globe. Few topics which are hep these days are Cloud Computing, Virtualisation, Windows 8 development and Windows 8 development.

5.      JumpStart

Once an MSP we already get at least 3years head-start in the industry. We get to know professionals, learn -from the best and enhance non-technical skills. Some of these skills include creating a better PowerPoint presentation, become a better presenter/orator and understand how to connect with the seniors and juniors.

6.      Management

One of the MSP activities include organising various events such as DreamSpark Yatra, Tech Days and various sessions, workshops and appathons. These make us a better manager as we have to go through a lot just to get permissions from the college authorities and arrange speakers for the event.


3 thoughts on “6 Less Known Advantages of Being a Microsoft Student Partner

  1. I have an important question for you that involves Windows 10.

    Why has this platform been introduced into the market as a “free uodate” when it is definitely a product in need of major tweaking? MAny people I know and myself can relate nightmarish tales about the way the update has runined, demolished or crashed their newer computers.

    If you have any insight into this probing question then please update my knowledge of this product.


    1. I have no clue about Windows 10 because thankfully my friends warned me not to install it for the same reasons.
      They are giving it for free perhaps because they are testing it and making each user a tester.

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