C# MVP Summit 2013-03-24

Country’s Inn & Suites, Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, Sahibabad Industrial Area Site 4, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Started my day from Amity hostels. Boarded metro from Botanical Garden and de-boarded at Vaishali. Country Inn and Suites was at a walking distance from the metro station and I reached a venue late by half hour. The sessions were great hit and the most clapped session was delievered by Mr Dhananjay Kumar. I learnt a lot about C# and met a few professionals. The most effective talk was by Chadeller who talked about the easy path and the difficult path. It changed my perception to life. I clicked a couple of pictures at before the lunch and a lot many during and after it.

Overall I think it was a great day spent. Met with a few new MSPs and Major Dhanraj after a long time. Also, thanks to the event I now know that my camera (Canon SLR PC1737) has various modes as well. I considered it to be a point and shoot camera with no features. I recently found the “Auto” button which disable the “Auto” mode as well. And this discovery happened while I was transferring the photos from the event. Hence the credit goes to C# MVP Summit. Finally, I came back home, had dinner, and slept asap without uploading pictures, or even switching on my laptop. I don’t expect you to understand the last statement but it’s a huge thing for me to sleep by 10:30pm. I hope I dint commit a mistake not writing the blog the same day.


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