Amity Youth Festival 2013-03-23

Greetings friends. This blog is the first of its kind because it explains my first night-out in Delhi.

I boarded from Huda City Centre, Haryana at 8:30 in the morning and arrived at Botanical Garden, Uttar Pradesh at 10:30. I finally arrived at Amity University, Sector-125, Noida got the security clearance, got myself registered. Let me tell you that getting into the campus is a bloody serious job. They checked my id- card thrice. It was the first University event I was attending after a long time.

As soon as I entered the campus, I was mesmerised by the whole aura of the place. I called the organiser of Manthan (the Case Study event, which I had registered for), asked for the directions and headed for the C-block. In the mean while I asked a couple of passers-by (all females #iukwim) being completely clueless for the directions. People who have been in the campus would agree when I would use “gigantic” as the adjective to describe the university grounds. I crossed E and D block , saw a huge ground with stalls being setup and a place with various tongue twister competitions based on French, German and Spanish.

Amity University
Amity University

Finally, I reached C block and looked for room 107, I believe. There were 3 people standing and I was the first one to reach the venue. I was disappointed and asked the organiser about the agenda. He confirmed with the teacher in-charge and confirmed to check back at 12. Then I went on my journey to explore the campus as usual and took part in a competition in Doodle making where I randomly drew meme’s. The topic was “Life of an Electrical Engineer”. At 12, I got a call and had to rush back for Manthan. But again I was the only one at the venue. Feeling depressed and sad of coming I opened my laptop to update my Facebook status. But suddenly, a guy from nowhere comes up and asks my organiser to come to a debate to increase the masses. Just out of curiosity I asked about the topic and it was “Android vs Windows”.


Well, I believe you can well imagine what could have happened later. I reached the venue G-05. Got myself registered. And looked at the speakers list. I was the 10th person to get enrolled. I was asked to speak the first but being a newbie I chose to spoke later. After the first speaker left the podium I understood that the complete crowd was Android oriented and chose to speak the last.
My plan of action is as follows:

  • I noted all the point which were invalid like-
    • The windows in slow
    • The Android has better display
    • The Android is cheap
    • Something about updates
      and they had many more
  • And I managed to encountered each one of them with ease
  • Then all of a sudden, all the other speaker started rebutting me as if I was in a court
    and again I managed to save myself but this time it was a close shave

Surprisingly no one talked about Android being Open Source which was their best defence. Lucky Me. The results declared me an undisputed winner and everyone congratulated me. I was like “mann mein laddu phoota”. I was told by the organiser to collect the certificate later. Then I left for lunch which was served in the neighbouring building. But in the middle of these building something really violent happened which I am to forget. I finally had an average lunch, went back to the venue and waited for a while.

After half hour of waiting I went into teacher’s cabin and requested them to start the event. They finally started the event at 2:30 and by the time there was fortunately another participant who had arrived. The teacher there forced a lot of her own students to participate as well which increased the number of teams from 2 to 5. I was again the 5th speaker and made it a clean sweep. The organiser tells me that I and my presentation together were awesome and the certificates were ready half way through my talk. Well, frankly I was very nervous and my heart was pounding while I was browsing through last few slides. I scored the first position in Manthan as well.


Soon after, I got a call to report at G-05, the room where I had gone for Kurukshetra (Open Debate) to collect my certificate. To my surprise I also got a trophy which I felt was really cool. We generally don’t get trophies for technical events. Then I saw a couple of dance crew performing and felt no one stood a chance before Blitzkrieg (my college dance group). Then I realised that BSAITM would have also performed but dint manage to know which one was it.

I finally went to a friend’s place in the Amity hostel to rest and ended up spending the night there. I wonder how my parents got convinced so easily. Has my convincing power increased or has my parents started to ask lesser questions. I wasn’t prepared to stay the night so was pretty unequipped. #iukwim. Couldn’t really sleep because of the swarm of mosquitoes and their terror. Kept chatting with a friend till 2am, had a fight, and then my dongle stopped responding. I woke up the next morning at 8:30 managed to get ready somehow without a foul breath and left for C# MVP summit. Well that is a whole different story…will tell later

Me starting with the session

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