Serious Advice to a Friend

had a normal life today after a long time. Went to office, came back home, slept, played football for 2 long hours, got myself scratched twice, got hit by football in my face, and yeah…if u r bothered…everything is fine…had a great dinner and back on laptop…in the meanwhile i was chatting with one-time-meet friend and he/she seemed sentimental..

I have also observed the need of the following advice to many of my friends so here’z the conversation with my friend…
(sorry in advance to write it in short hand)

(the following question made the friend look sad)
1 baat batao acc to u n in gnrl b i luk lyk emotional or practical?
i knw ese ekdum se puchna dun loook f9 bt mn kia to mai jitno se b iss wqt chat kr rh hu just asking

me->u try mentally to be practical
but it can be seen by ur face tat u r emotional

<I though the Friend was in need of some advice and this is what i said>

i will solve within sec

dekh yaar

its like this

i have faced more than avg teen situations

and i hv seen all the angles


to give or not gv an imp depends on the person

its not in ur hands

its always a two way process

whn u like a person

its obvious tat u gonna gv dem imp

u cant control it

u r too closed to the outer world

u need to let it loose

let ppl know u

let ppl see the real u

feel the real world

i hv been just like u the whole skol and college life

but now after coming back home

and understanding the world a bit

i noe that u can not change the world

u need to accept it

and yeah

dont try to change the world

change self

smtimes u will like ppl

smtimes u womt

its abso f9and yeah…live life king size
no body gives a damn to noe u

i met u once..and cld see ur walls..ur boundaries.so thot i shd share..

rest is ur decision

i care fr my friends a lot and noe that tis world is a bitter place..

but i still wake up every morning wid a smile and hope to make it large..the only reason i feel that way…is cuz i noe today aint coming back ever

so make it good enuf to remember

Well, this is what I have inculcated in my daily routine and that is the reason i blog every night. Makes me feel happy and something to look forward to. And, yeah…i also clicked my sweet strawberries i got from the Flower Fest..if you remember.

Kitchen Garden - Strawberry
Kitchen Garden

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