ITM-MTC 2013-03-17

Institute of Technology & Management Gurgaon Microsoft Technology Club 2013-03-17

A full day Hands on Lab event at Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon. The scheduled event was from 9-4 but the event started at 10. The expected from MSP community. The event started with Ganesh Vandana and honouring the guests followed by the lighting of the lamp. The first speaker of the day was DJ sir who was well prepared and started his “sad story” of her girlfriend leaving her. And gradually shifting to the HTML5, JavaScript and CSS and explaining us how to create a Windows 8 application if you have an existing website. He did ignite the spark in students and motivated enough to stay the whole day. He ended by 11:30am and left.

DJ sir on diace
DJ sir on diace

We took a short break and resumed our interaction in a couple of minutes. I learnt that most of the students had just installed windows 8 and had no prior experience with the either Visual Studio 2012 or Windows 8. So, I first took a session on

how to work on the OS,

how is it different from previous OS

what are charms bar, Chromeless UI, start menu, Store, etc

Visual Studio 2012 IDE, various windows and panels within

Shortcuts in VS-2012, etc.

All Students focused on Screen
All Students focused on Screen

Soon it was lunch time and all the speakers were asked to go to Cafeteria. There, we had thali of Om Sweets waiting for us. I personally feel that it was not at all a good lunch and Om sweets had not lived up to their standards. Since, I did not enjoy the meal and was already sleepy due to the 2 hrs sleep in previous 36 hours, I and Vishnu drove to a nearby market to replenish our energy with a ltr of orange juice each. Finally we returned to the venue where Rishu was discussing about the Delhi User Group.

In the meanwhile Vikram (the president of MTC) and Saumya (the vice-president of MTC) had set the stage for me to code. Hence, I started with the first demo I had prepared and asked them to download the Step-by-Step document on how to code and what will be done in the next two hours. As usual, there was a commotion among the janta and it took a while to refocus their attention. All was set and we started with our hands on development making our first Hello World application.

By the time we actually had finished Hello World application it was already 4:30pm and so I was unable to start the second demo. Then we had another ex-MSP from the same college who came and talked about the MTC and its strengths.

Happiest moment of the day was when all of the students, I repeat ALL, raised their hand on the question “Who all have completed their Application Development”. That removed all the tiredness had accumulated since morning and gave me new joy.

The MSP gang
The MSP gang

After the event was over, we had a few clicks and then all the MSPs took off for Ambience mall. There we headed to Haldirams and filled our empty stomachs with great cuisines.

Overall, I believe the event was a success and for the people who did not know anything about Visual Sudio, C#, XAML and even Windows 8. By the end of the day then had developed a running application. I believe that’s amazing.

Following are the feedbacks we got. I have only included the ones which were about the speakers.



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