IIITD 2013-03-15

A surprise Windows 8 event in IIITD. Went there as a proctor. Farthest I have travelled in metro yet.
One of the very few colleges which I have seen with beautiful architecture and infrastructure. I was sitting at home all wella after I did not go office as it was to be open for a very short while. Well, my first half was pretty boring until I saw a post from our DUG lead saying who would be interested to go in Windows 8 Hackathon at IIIT(Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology) Delhi.

It is after that I learnt about the whereabouts of the college. All I wanted to do was make my day exciting. So, I pinged UG lead on Facebook and asked him the details. Guess what:
Date: Today
Time: 7PM to 7AM
I was shocked and asked him why was he posting it so late. Apparently, all the Delhi MSPs had got a mail regarding the event but none agreed.

FYI: I do not belong to the Delhi MSP, as an MSP I am still a part of Karnataka.

Then I asked my parents and confirmed him. I also knew that the participation of Saransh of coming was dependent on me and vice-versa. Then I called, the main office of MSP team and asked what I should do as I couldn’t have stayed over-night. Eventually, they understood my difficulty and I was allowed to be a proctor and leave by 9pm.

I felt, the students were very naïve and dint even know about the charms. Taking a developer’s session is out of question. But still we tried our best. I saw two groups of students who were really interested and willing to convert their idea. I wish them best of luck and hope to see many more apps being developed. I believe they understood what I taught and hope they would make a fruitful apps out of sleepless night.

I cannot end my blog without mentioning about Hitesh, a friend of Saransh, who picked and dropped us from the metro station. Thank a lot bro.

I have traveled all the way to Govind Puri and back. Well, coming back was really hectic as I had to stand for 80% of my journey. This surprise event was really interesting and fun, and I hope to visit many more colleges and share my knowledge.

Saransh and Hitesh
Just before the Event in the IIIT Campus

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