Cerebrations: ITM Gurgaon 2013-03-14

A Day at ITM Gurgaon
for those who are just interested in the pics of the event

Felt good to be back in a college after long time. This is what I do when I am not at home. It has become more of a hobby than interest. But this time it was different. I was not participating. I was on the other side of the fence. I was one of the judges to evaluate the various projects which the students had developed. I had left my office at 11:30 in the morning and it took me around an hour to reach the location from Omaxe mall, because it was the first time I had visited that area of Gurgaon. Apparently, I live with my parents so stereotypically I am not allowed to roam around in the “Unknown Parts of an Unknown place” all by myself. Well, that theory worked until college but now I have freedom to explore and that is exactly what I am doing.

On the Kataria Chowk, I somehow unknowingly managed to drive all-round the circle and started driving towards my preliminary location. I would have almost driven a kilometre after which I realised my blunder, asked an auto-rickshaw bhaiya and finally got myself on the right track. Finally parked and came to the gate. Getting into the college was another adventure. I had to wait for Vikram (one of the college MSP) to help me enter as a delegate. He literally had to vouch for me and threatened the guard to call the superiors. After the initial trouble it was all smiles now.

There I was directly taken to the Mech projects where a guy explained all about the different modifications he and his team had done on the various vehicles (Gypsy, ATF, SAE etc.). I also met my school junior and Abhishresth, a school collegue). Was hoping to meet more than just two though.

Then I moved onto the CSE projects where I was shown
1. A Facebook auto post troll application, which I personally felt needed a revamping of CSS
2. A windows phone game application, which had three cards and you had to keep the track of one of the cards
3. A java application made by Vikram himself which frankly I had no clue about. Because you know how I feel about Java.
4. Then a couple of other Windows Phone utility apps which was all bundled into one.

Base View
The best bot in the Ground

Finally, I was went to the canteen where we weren’t allowed to enter but we somehow managed to. I ended up taking a large glass of unaltered orange juice which was refreshing and filling. In the mean while my refreshments (burger and coke) had arrived. But I prefer being on the liquid diet whenever I have to speak a lot. Solid food makes me dizzy for a while and I lose the same enriching energy.

Robo-wars was the perfect fun I had where I clicked a lot of pics and enjoyed seeing destruction for the better. I played a game with me being blindfolded and Vikram directing me to the end of the arena. Eventually I had a tour of the college building which as a matter of fact is great according to the Indian standards, but still MIT, Manipal (my college) has better infrastructure for sure. I met a couple of teachers and ended up seeing a couple searching for a location on the third floor #iukwim

Then I picked up the vehicle and Vikram accompanied me to Om Sweets of Sec-21, I guess. We each had chole-bhaturey and both drove to Galleria in search of some NSP. But, as for no luck, as always, we ended up with some constructive work. We had a discussion about how the event on the coming Sunday should be planned and what will be the agenda and the flow of the event.

Later, we drove back to my colony, “tried” finishing off my lunch, went home, drank apple juice, walked down, took a walk discussing various confidential matters, met a friend of mine who picked my phone only because she did not have my number saved, ditched me half-way, Vikram left for his PG, I returned home and drenched my thirst with boost and this happened in the same order of event.

I am glad that I was called over for judgement to one of the great universities of Gurgaon, saw wonderful live models and projects. And made a lifetime friend I can count on to have fun. Rest assured, I am safe back home without a scratch and even though I was unable to finish my lunch I live on after coming back home.

Vikram's POV
Vikram’s POV

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